Greater Roanoke Early Childhood Leaders,

Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke is conducting an Early Childhood Fiscal and Resource project to describe and analyze strengths and gaps in our community’s funding and resources of early childhood/school readiness programs. We are seeking data from all organizations, public and private, that offer any services targeted to the birth-to-five population. Your responses to the attached survey will allow us to fully describe the financial resources devoted to promoting early childhood development in the Greater Roanoke Area.

We hope you will agree to provide this information, which is essential to planning future steps in building an effective system of school readiness initiatives for our community.

Matt Miller, of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission is the consultant coordinating our project. Following completion of the survey, he will follow up with each of you to clarify your information and give you the opportunity to elaborate on and help interpret your data.  He will then organize results from all respondents into a report for Smart Beginnings.


The fiscal survey asks for current budget information. List the funding source(s) for each of your early childhood programs or interventions in the relevant section (federal, state, local or private), then fill in the budgeted current year amount from each source. Use a separate line for each funding source. Add the data about projected number of children served

If you offer multiple early childhood programs/interventions, please submit a separate form for each.  

Amounts from some funding sources may not be dedicated exclusively to the birth-five population. If you know or can reasonably estimate what portion of the total amount you dedicate specifically to birth-five, use that figure and write a note on the form to explain how you arrived at your figure.

The resource section needs only brief responses about non-monetary resources for each program. Use a new line for each resource. (If you need more than 5 rows, just submit another survey form for that program).  If you have questions, please contact Matt Miller at,  (540) 343-4417.